IPL 2019: Ajinkya Rahane replaces disgraced Steve Smith as Rajasthan Royals captain

By | March 30, 2018

IPL team lost not one but two captain after the scandal of ball tampering happened. The whole cricketing fraternity is blaming the steve smith for the event which disgraced the gentlemen’s game. Even after the tampering the ball, they lost the game against South Africa by 322 runs. After that, now Ajinkya Rahane replaces disgraced Steve Smith as Rajasthan Royals captain.

Steve Smith was punished by ICC and now he steps down from the captaincy of Rajasthan royal, the reason was mentioned by Zubin Bharucha, Head of Cricket, said, “The incident in Cape Town has certainly disturbed the cricket world. We have been in constant touch with the BCCI and taken their counsel. Furthermore, we have been in regular contact with him. it’s in the best interest of Rajasthan Royals that he steps down as captain so the team can get ready for IPL without the ongoing distractions.”

The franchise’s co-owner, Manoj Badale said this in a press conference on Monday “Rajasthan Royals will do everything possible to protect the values and the integrity of the game. We agree with Steve’s decision to step down as captain, and we are fortunate to have such a capable successor with Ajinkya Rahane. It is important that all cricket fans retain a balanced perspective on the situation. What happened in South Africa was clearly wrong, especially given that it appears to have been pre-meditated. That said, this will be a difficult time for Steve as well, given how much he cares about the game,”

So when everyone is trying to save each other reputation, one more captain losses his position in IPL 2019 and this time it was chief plotter of the infamous ball-tampering scandal, David Warner. Warner was captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad before this incident happened, after that sunriser Hyderabad tweeted a picture in which it was written, “We are happy to announce Kane Williamson as the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad for IPL 2019,” added team’s CEO K Shanmugam.

“I’ve accepted the role to stand in as captain for this season. It’s an exciting opportunity with a talented group of players. I look forward to the challenges ahead,” Williamson said in a tweet.

This year many unexpected changes happened in so little time that it would change the whole outcome of the IPL 2019. We now could not predict that who will win IPL 2019. Lets hope no more scandal happen before April begin on 7 April.

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