IPL 2019: Dhoni’s Batting Order Change and promoted

By | April 3, 2018

IPL 2019 is just around the corner and this year, it’s going to spectacular. As two biggest team will be back in the game, one of the most popular choice and likely to win team is CSK right now.  CSK team captain MS Dhoni was in the news lately because of many reasons, but one news has surfaced about Dhoni’s Batting order change this year in IPL 2019.

We all know about Dhoni and his batting order. He is the tail-ender and always has been. He came late to the game and always have the tension of winning or losing hanging on his head. He has always been a person who we can rely upon when it came to finishing the game. But in this year of IPL 2019, things are about to change for Dhoni and for CSK.

The head coach of CSK team and former captain of New Zealand Stephen Fleming signal that in an interview that he will change the batting order of MS Dhoni. He said on Monday that “MS will bat relatively high. It’s not necessarily a position with him, but a time that we may choose depending on what conditions we see. But he will definitely play a more prominent role as a batsman. We’ve picked Kedar Jadhav, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja & Dwayne Bravo so we can plan the middle phase. Looking at our side, there are a lot of multi-skilled players, and while not diminishing their main skills there is a lot of options that we can use,”

It’s not for sure that Dhoni will open for CSK, but he will definitely be sent down to one down or 2 down to play and Dhoni’s Batting order changed. As Fleming said, they have lots of players which can take the responsibility to play on any order and which mean, Dhoni gets to bet on opening.

Dhoni has an amazing track record of batting and winning, but one thing lack in all of them. Not enough century and half-century. The problem is, when he came to the batting, there might be few overs left to bat or few runs to score. Sometimes he stays on one end sticking to the wicket and let other player hit runs. Because of all of this strategy which actually makes his team win, he was left out to score any big run.

But finally, in IPL 2019, we might see Dhoni came to the batting earlier and hit some excellent shots everywhere. He was always in a position when the pressure of scoring and pressure of not losing a wicket is always hanging on his head. But when you came early to the game, you can play freely. That is why Sehwag have records of runs and Dravid was the one who sticks to the wicket. that is why Dhoni’s Batting order changed and he might get promoted.

This year in IPL 2019, we might see Dhoni came to open from CSK. It will be wonderful to see him open or even came early. Don’t forget that his highest run 183 came when he batted on 3rd position or one down.  Although his highest runs 3987 are when he batted on 6th position, he also has the highest half-century on the 6th position which is 29. But he doesn’t get to play more so he doesn’t even have much more records.

We hope this article will help you know more detail about Dhoni’s Batting order change in IPL 2019. We will keep you informed of any news.

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