IPL Team Captains Will not be attending the Opening Ceremony

By | March 30, 2018

This year IPL 2018 opening ceremony will be huge and there will be many Bollywood stars will attend it but guess what who will not attend this year IPL 2018 ceremony? Captains of IPL teams. Yes, we also didn’t believe this news as it was a tradition for last 10 season of IPL. But when we find out why Team captains will not be attending the opening ceremony, we also agree with them.

Not all 8 team, but the only captain of 6 IPL team won’t be attending IPL 2018 ceremony. The captain of CSK and Mumbai Indian will be attending IPL 2018 opening ceremony. Instead of attending the ceremony, those 6 IPL team captain will do a special video feature before the ceremony.

Before this year, every single year captain of every team attended the IPL ceremony as the protocol was every opening ceremony is the day before the actual match started at they will gather to sign  “spirit of cricket” pledge.

This year this chain will break as the BCCI has decided that 6 IPL team captain won’t be attending. The reason is, IPL organizer didn’t realize that after that day, others teams have matches too. One IPL official said, “IPL team should have done their homework. They are calling Gautam Gambhir and Ravichandran Ashwin a day before an afternoon match. That’s absolute lack of homework, Sample this. If Ashwin and Gambhir would have attended the opening ceremony, they could only board a 9 pm flight from Mumbai to Delhi as there are no late evening flights from Mumbai to Chandigarh. Now from Delhi, they can’t take a flight to Chandigarh on Sunday morning because the airport would remain closed. So either they travel by car during the night, which is a dangerous proposition or in the morning of the match to play at 4 pm. The less said, the better it is,” a senior BCCI official told PTI.

Because of all this messed up and logistic issue, 6 out 8 captains won’t be attending IPL 2018 opening ceremony. It’s a valid reason as if they attend the ceremony, how will they reached to the match and even if they reached, they will be tired of the journey and they won’t be able to perform in the match. This year IPL organizing committee really goofed up but BCCI makes sure to hold that decision and let the player rest and travel in comfort.


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