Look at the all new Jersey for IPL 2019

By | April 3, 2018

IPL 2019 is not that far away and what time is it, its IPL time. Fans are ready to cheer up their favorite team and one of the thing which is necessary for every IPL fan is their Teams Jerseys. They are going to buy it for their team and cheer them up in the stadium or at home.so let’s talk about Teams and jerseys for IPL 2019.

With the new season, the fan must deserve new jersey, so here is the list of IPL team and their new jersey.

  • Chennai Super King

King has a return for the 2 years of Exile and fans are waiting for cheer them and for them to win. Their new jersey still, have the yellow color with a symbol of the lion. Their new jerseys will play a big role in the match and they have also distributed their yellow jersey for IPL 2019 to the fan.

  • Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab has changed over the year and this year, with the whole new team, they become of one of the best team in IPL 2019. So to bring the morale up, they have launched new jersey. The jersey is red and with the symbol of the lion as well. The jersey for IPL 2019 looks amazing and we hope to see a lot of people wearing them on the ground as well.

  • Delhi Daredevils

Delhi daredevil is one of the most underrated teams of all. But this year, everything will be changed. With a new team and new jersey, they are going to rule the ground. Their jersey looks cool with violet and hints of gold and red. Jersey for IPL 2019 will look amazing on anyone and because if their color combination, some people might switch their team too.

Straight Outta Dilli! 😎 #DilDilli

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  • Mumbai Indians

Winner of IPL 2018 and most number of IPL trophy winner will come back to the IPL 2019 with all new jersey. We all remember the golden lines on a blue jersey, but this time the golden lines are extended to the bottom too. The whole jersey for IPL 2019 looks like an armor and they also write that “3-time champions will wear the Blue & Gold with pride! Paltan, presenting to you our armor for the season.”

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR team under the captaincy of the Dinesh Kartik will play in almost the same jersey as before. They didn’t do anything new with their jersey and it still looks amazing. Jersey for IPL 2019 has golden lines on the shoulder and hints of yellow color.

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

Even after losing the last IPL by being on the last one in the point table, they are ready to start fresh. RCB has never won any IPL trophy ever and lost many semi-finals. With their new outfit which comes in Red and black and players like AB Devilliers and Kohli, their hopes are high. With their jersey for IPL 2019, we might see them win this one.

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

One of the biggest blow any team has got from the latest ball tempering scandal is the SRH team. They lost their best player and captain and now they choose the Kane Williamson from New Zealand. In their instant post, Kane wore the crimson-colored jersey which is one of the most beautiful ones as the color represents the sun rising. We hope they rise like their name and win this IPL 2019 and see them in their new Jersey for IPL 2019.

  • Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan royal is coming back again after two-year ban just like CSK. One of the reasons it’s on the last is they haven’t announced their jersey for IPL 2019 yet and internet is flooded with the request of reveling RR jersey. We hope to see them on the ground with all new jersey as they make all new IPL anthem.

These are the jersey for IPL 2018 for all the team. So buy them and wear them on the ground or while watching the match and cheer up for your team.

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